What does a modern wedding playlist sound like in 2022?

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Perfect Music for a Perfect Day

Yep! When planning your wedding, it’s only natural to want everything to be perfect. So, you’ll want the best wedding DJ playlist!

You may have a specific vision for how you want the day to go, including the music and entertainment. However, giving your wedding DJ a strict playlist to stick to can actually backfire, and here’s why!

Your DJ Is an Expert

Firstly, you hired a professional DJ for a reason – because they know how to read a crowd and get people dancing!

If you micromanage their setlist, you’re taking away their ability to do their job properly. Trust them to play the right songs at the right time – they excel at it!

Your Guests Aren’t All the Same

Even if you and your fiancé have similar tastes in music, that doesn’t mean all your guests will feel the same way.

Secondly, a good wedding DJ will be able to read the room and play songs that everyone can enjoy, even if they’re not all your personal favourites!

You Might Miss Out on Some Great Songs

Your professional wedding DJ likely has a much larger repertoire than you do. So, they might 

have some fantastic songs in their collection that you’ve never even heard of.

If you give them free rein to play whatever they want, you might discover some new favourite tunes!

It’s your wedding, and you should have the final say in what music is played. We always love to collaborate together on your wedding playlist, in fact, it’s part of what we need from you.

But try to give your DJ some flexibility within your guidelines, and trust that they’ll make the appropriate choices on the big day. It’ll make for a much more enjoyable experience – for you and your guests


The whole wedding party is on the dance floor!

Make a Wish!

Tell us, what’s your one wish; to have the most wonderful time on the most important day of your life? We’ll grant that wish!

Let’s us play for you, and you’ll want every day to be your wedding day! And who are we? Go Gabz DJs, Australia’s premier group of professional wedding and event DJs! Hiring us to play at your wedding guarantees it will be a resounding success!

Whether you want a custom playlist or have ideas and songs you want, or you leave everything to us, we promise everyone will be thrilled and entertained on your big day!

We love working with couples and helping them realize their dream wedding. But, while décor, food, and a venue all play an essential part in setting the tone of a wedding, music plays a far more important role.

Good music will help you smoothly transit from one part of your wedding to another. Great music will keep guests dancing all through the celebration. And excellent music will make the entire event one of the most memorable days of your life; Go Gabz DJs will do all this for you!

Fulltime Professional DJ’s this is no part time living for us!

Creating the playlist of a lifetime; Feeling the inspiration to go beyond what is usual, we play soulful modern love and wedding songs. 

Booking us means you have a team of professional entertainers working to make your wedding a blast! We have a saxophone player playing alongside the DJ, a trumpet player playing alongside the DJ, and a percussionist playing alongside the DJ!

From live musicians and all types of entertainers! 

And if you want, we have dancer performers ready and eager to add flair to your big day. So, if you’ve ever wanted to see salsa, Latin, samba, and other dancers perform live, this is your chance!

The magic between you both, We capture the essence of you both as a couple, combing through thousands of song selections, we want all your guests to be transported to another time…this day… 

The modern-day wedding! Never stuffy…never boring…just pure joy and fun. 

A true professional DJ service will attend to all the aspects of your wedding day music, even the MC and Ceremony.

A dedicated Music manager will include your vision for this very special day, requests from guests, and any playlist “must play” wedding songs. Besides a long professional background in music, a true DJ can mix an elite soundtrack for your First Dance.

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